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Welcome To Sanborn Christian School!!

Sanborn Christian School is where learning takes place.  It has students and teachers, desks, whiteboards, SMART Boards, iPads, and bells and recesses like any other school, but there is something different about our school.

Our school is a Christian school.  When Jesus said, “Follow Me”, He wasn’t just talking about Sundays.  Time and again the Bible tells us that following Jesus is a way of life.  We want to help teach that way of life every day, in all subjects.  But our school is not a protective fishbowl for children.  Instead, we intend it to be a total plunge into the study of God’s marvelous world.  Yet, when the currents of different beliefs and philosophies swirl around our young ones, we try to help give children the confidence to know where they are going.

So, welcome to the SCS community!  A community in which Christian love and concern are woven in the task of learning.  A community in which learning complements the Christian home and church.  A community in which time and talent are regarded as given by God to be used in His service.  Our school is not perfect.  The power of sin has its effects within the walls of our school too.  But we can truly be a Christian school community because we are rooted in the knowledge that Christ is the Lord of Creation and Life!

We are glad that you join us in the mission of “Educating under God’s Word for serving God in His world”.