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Praising Paws Preschool

Welcome to Praising Paws Preschool!

The mission of Sanborn Christian Praising Paws Preschool is to engage preschool children in positive educational experiences from a Christian perspective so that future experiences in kindergarten and throughout the schooling years have a strong basis.  

We believe that developing a positive attitude towards learning can enable children to become life-long learners. The goal of Praising Paws Preschool is not to replace kindergarten or to teach concepts that are taught in school.  Rather, it is our goal to prepare children for kindergarten through stories, games, play time, and other activities.  We strive to provide opportunities that encourage cooperation, problem solving, and proper communication.  Learning to get along well with others is an important skill that is worked on daily.  We encourage children to make choices and grow in self-esteem.  We want children to know that learning is fun and that they can try new activities and feel safe.

Praising Paws Preschool welcomes families from all denominations.  Our mission is to train any child of believing parents who wish to have a Christ-centered education for their child.  We are, however, a Reformed Christian program founded upon the three Reformed confessions (the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dordt, and the Belgic Confession) that acknowledge the Triune God being Lord over all creation and Jesus Christ as our Savior.  All instruction will be given from that perspective.

At Praising Paws Preschool, children will participate in active learning using developmentally appropriate curriculum, to strive to meet the needs of the whole child.  We plan activities that encourage growth in large motor skills, fine motor skills, social and emotional areas, as well as language development and thinking skills.  Music, literature and Bible studies are an integral part of our daily activities.  Each child is given a variety of activities to work with other children in large and small groups, as well as one-on-one attention with the teacher.

Enrollment in our Praising Paws Preschool is open to children who will be at least four years old by September 15.  All children must be toilet trained. State law requires all children attending preschool to have a physical form and an immunization card on file.  There are many other forms that need to be filled out as well.  When the preschool year is over, these forms will be returned to you, so that you can use them as you enroll your child in school.  Please remember that immunization cards must be up to date and signed by a health care professional as well as yourself.


See the “General Registration Forms” on the right side of the page for registration details.


To schedule a visit, or set up a tour of the building, or to request more information, please contact our front office at 712.729.3288.