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What Do Students Like About Sanborn Christian School?

***I like SCS because we have Christian Education and are blessed with good teachers.  We are reminded every day to live in God's glory. ~ MS

***I like Sanborn Christian School because it has a safe environment that is God-centered.  It's close to my house.  I also like it because we have good food, and we get to have three recesses.  I like that we get to play sports.  I also like it because it's small and simple.  I enjoy learning about more about God every day. ~ SR

***I like Sanborn Christian because the teachers and everyone that works there is a good example.  The teachers help us understand God even when we are very little.  They help us grow in Christ. ~ SP

***I like Sanborn Christian School because it teaches us to love and fear God.  It teaches us to serve Him with all our heart; we have fun while we work, and the teachers are a great influence for us.  I also like Sanborn Christian because of the Christian friends that I have here. ~ JM

***I like Sanborn Christian School because they have good and fun teachers. ~ KK

***I like Sanborn Christian School because all the nice people there.  I like it because of all the Christian beliefs there, so I don't have to worry about how I might be different.  ~ AC

***I like SCS because of the friends I have there. ~ JV

***I like Sanborn Christian School because it has teachers that teach you joyfully, with a smile, and make it fun.  I think we are blessed with many things, including our school and the friends we have that go here.  ~ MP